About TTC

TTC  – Excellence in Financial Markets Education and Fintech

TTC is an established provider of industry consulting in Fintech, trading lab management and high-quality educational programmes with diverse clients including academic institutions, corporate bodies and industry members from the global financial markets. Now in its tenth year of operation, the company has two main areas of activity.

Firstly, TTC is our consultancy business which provides specialist knowledge and services to a variety of customers in matters related to financial markets including trading room support, trading room design, implementation and management, choice of Fintech for various front-office and back-office activities, Fintech patent design and expert witness services, textbook and specialist book publishing, business information and database procurement and management services, Trading room IT support among others.

We work with clients to provide detailed, bespoke educational experiences for a range of participants and corporate employees including new corporate joiners and trainees, industry professionals and professional investors, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, front-office workers and support service personnel. We work with quality institutions and employers as well as Russell-Group Universities and Higher-education colleges.

What we do

We provide key operational knowledge and education to workers and students so that they can learn important skills linked to the finance and financial services industry. Our key educational specialisations are financial markets, database management, data analysis, digital skills, fund management, risk management and trading. Our core specialisation is Fintech as most operational skills integrate with Fintech. We have many years of experience in using, building and maintaining financial markets technology and educate our students in our courses to reflect this practical experience. We have direct knowledge and experience of using the following Fintech in a professional capacity:

•       Front-End Trading Technology
•       Risk Management Systems
•       Database Management systems
•       Business Information platforms
•       Data Analytics programmes and platforms
•       Coding using C, C++, and Python
•       Fund management and portfolio management platforms
•       Back office and support services software
•       Building Quantitative trading strategies

At the TTC we differentiate ourselves from many in the world of education by offering high-quality bespoke programmes and courses to
practitioners, educators and students that focus on developing core digital skills with analytics. We have a reputation for teaching industry and academic undergraduate and graduate-level educational courses that are rigorous, detailed and highly-informative. Although our main objective is education, we concentrate on providing our customers with practical understanding of current technology and the skills to use it.

Our team of tutors are experienced industry professionals with high-quality skills and knowledge of financial markets and related technologies honed through years of involvement in the industry. Our objective is to grow slowly and deliberately, taking on additional tutors while expanding our high-quality client base.


"I chose to study the Finance Trading Programme (FTP) as I wanted to get a more hands-on approach on complex financial topics. During normal lectures, we don’t have the time to see whether the theories we learn are applicable to the real world, and if they are, how. The Trading Programme provides me with the practical tools that I will need in the real world to analyse the markets and based on that, take trades." - MSc Investment and Finance Student

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