Dr David Norman

Managing Director

David has been involved in trading and financial markets technology for over 30 years. He has overseen trading operations in a variety of financial institutions, provides consultancy, seminar and coursework in the field of trader education, market technology and risk management and has a range of clients that include global exchanges, trading houses, investment banks and commodity trading companies. He is the CEO of TTC (万博体育manbetxcompany) which creates and teaches high quality financial markets education programmes for universities, financial institutions, commercial groups and regulators.

David has a PhD in Computational Finance from CCFEA, School of Computer Sciences at Essex University and an MSc in Financial Markets from the Illinois institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago where formerly, he was the Director of Market Technology. He is the author of five books on trading and market technology: Trading at the Speed of Light (Paradym, 2001), Professional Electronic Trading (John Wiley & Sons, 2002) Trader DNA (Paradym, 2003, 2006) and The Little Book of Trading Wisdom (Paradym 2009) and CFDs: The Definitive Guide to Contracts for Difference, (Harriman House 2009).

Tomasz Mlynowski

Trading Lab Manager

Tomasz is a Trading Lab Manager responsible for providing financial data extraction solutions, mathematical empirical model advice, multiple programming language coding support, managing vendor relationships, maintaining stability of financial software services, fixing any IT issues and providing support for all enquiries.

Tomasz has 7+ years advanced knowledge and experience in Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters Eikon & DataStream, Macrobond, Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (TWS), Trading Technologies X_Trader, CQG, Oanda, Metatrader5 and WIND. Tomasz also has knowledge within Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), Anaconda, EViews, RStudio and Stata.

Tomasz is responsible for designing bespoke educational quantitative content, teaching/lecturing and integrating numerous programming language including Python, Julia, MATLAB, MongoDB, R, SQL, C#.NET and C++ with financial platforms API鈥檚

Tomasz is also an independent Python Quantitative Developer focusing on researching, backtesting and building automated algorithmic systematic strategies in various asset classes and has ambitions to run his own hedge fund.


Greg Amoils

Senior FTP Lecturer

Greg has been working in the financial markets industry for over 20 years in the UK and Internationally. He has traded equity and stock index products, options and various structured products on several markets and exchanges. He brings a wealth of experience with him from many years of broking mainstream and OTC financial markets products to institutional clients. Greg oversees the trading and financial markets FTP courses and is developing a range of courses linked directly to broking.

James Norman

Educational Software Support

James specialises in trading and financial platform/database support, assisting students and faculty in gaining greater understanding of the many platforms and software packages that we support. He is qualified in the Bloomberg certification for BMC and is looking to expand his knowledge of financial markets and Fintech.


Amy Hicks

Administrator – Educational Services

Amy is the newest TTC team member and has joined us to look after company logistics and administration. She is developing her role to cover media representation, HR, digital publishing and client support services. She brings experience in desktop publishing, administrative support and client support.